Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Frustrations with Fair Isle

I love Fair Isle. I do. I love the "bang for the buck" with color, etc.

But, I'm a little concerned over the uneven stitches. They are not puckering, and I don't have floats because I use the method espoused by Philosopher's Wool, so yarn is caught every other stitch.

Will soaking and a little gentle "guidance" during blocking resolve this? Using black and white, there is bound to be some view-through and I'm not so worried about that.

The other frustration is, I got complacent by the time of the third row of skulls, and made the same error 4 times, once in each panel repeat, because I really didn't pay attention to the chart. I tried laddering it back, but with 6 rows x 2 strands, trying to minimize floats and the idea that I would have to do it *4* times, it truly was faster to just frog back the rounds and do it over. I'm back to where I was, and I see I made the VERY SAME mistake. This time, it stays.

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