Thursday, May 1, 2008

When Reason Abandons Me...

How many times have I tried socks? My mother has made 100's of socks. I got my knitting gene from her, but not the sock knitting mutation.

I got 3/4 of the last pair of socks, for DH, completed, but I just could not bring myself to finish the foot and toe. They sat forlornly in a bag at the bottom of the closet, forgotten, except for a few furtive glances of light when I was looking for something else, and found only guilt instead. Finally, I gave the whole mess to Mom. Within 3 days, L was wearing new sox.

I started lime-green mohair sox for DD, for Christmas 2006, same vintage as the ones for DH. These were much larger gauge, mini-cable, 48 stitches, should have been easy to finish. I finished one. Then they went to the bottom of the closet. In the meantime, DD's 3-year fascination with lime green finally ended. Yet she still wants me to finish these sox. I'm not even sure if it would fit her anymore, although her feet couldn't change much from 18 to 20, I would think.

Mom recently made several pairs of socks, with this accordion-y, slouchy pattern. I am fascinated. I want some. More than that, I want to MAKE some. No, wait, lace.

I don't have a car, although DH does. I use public transportation for work, and many errands. No matter what project I'm working, most of them eventually get too large for commute knitting, and changing busses/trains. Socks would not. So, maybe that is what's happening.

I've been craving sock yarn lately, much as one would crave peanut butter cups or fresh raspberries. After a stressful evening yesterday (did you know that parenting does not stop when they are 18? Did you know that?),
I simply HAD to hit an LYS today. HAD to. I ended up with the pattern for this (Leaf Lace Socks, Fiber Trends)<<=====

to make out of this =====>

On #1's. Oy.


AmyS said...

I'll reveal my ignorance and ask which sock pattern that is. It's lovely! It's a funny world; I love knitting socks on dpns. I couldn't stand doing Magic Loop or two cirs; the extra cable length would drive me nuts! Good luck with the socks.

Eileen said...


Oh, yeah, I should post the details. It's the Leaf Lace Sock by Fiber Trends. I'll try to get a link up in the next day or so. I was just reading the pattern and it's only 60 stitches on a #1 needle! Must be the lace opens it up a bit. My mom LOVES dpns, too. Of course, when she started, some 65 years ago, that was the only option. Thanks for checking out the blog! - EB

Karin said...

I'm with Amy here...:) I tried magic loop once and I kept pulling out the wrong needle...
I have been using dpns since I was 15 and I guess I am in a rut?
Those socks are gorgeous and I wish you all the best!

manic knitter said...

Cast it on on the dpns, knit a couple of rows then switch it to the 2 circulars so you can have try on's easier. (Plus I know you and dpns. Do you even own circulars that small? Should I send you some of the several dozen pairs I have?)
Yes, lace socks will stretch greatly. Cabled and chevroned ones won't.
So, when you get really mad at this pattern and your mom gets through with it, can I have it? Please, please? :-)
Go ahead, cybersmack me. I tell you what, if you finish this pair of socks, I'll send you a prize package and it won't have any sock yarn in it at all. How about that?