Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lime Greeny Goodness

I got a lot done on this sock during my appointment day on Tuesday. First sock was done 18 months ago. I hadn't even started the second sock. I finally pulled it out last weekend and got started on it. Tuesday morning, when I left for my marathon day of appointments and busses, I was at where the blue line is. I am stunned by how much I got done because I am just not a sock person. I think. I might be going through another flirtation right now, but it's just a crush - I'll get over it. I always do.

I took the big green bag to work on during commute. I expected that might be inconvenient, and it was. But I got my 10 rounds done for today. I figure if I do 5 rounds on this first, then I can work on something else. There are 100 rounds total, and I have about 46 now. At round 90, I need to attach some hardware, so I better find it or order it pronto. I'll add an updated pix later if I can get one before dark.

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