Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day !!

Well, DH usually makes breakfast on Sunday mornings. Sometimes multi-grain hot cereal, or pancakes, or little appetizer quiches. "Citrus salad", a jar of orange and grapefruit slices in juice, has become a Sunday morning standard. Three link sausages, two for DH, one for me, DD declines. Sometimes eggs, sometimes not. And occasionally, he gets creative:

He modified a recipe he found in a cookbook. The original contained fennel. I don't think I'd like fennel, because I can't stand black licorice. Or ouzo (grin). The following is a guideline more than a recipe. Finely chop up misc veggies, about half a cup total for each mushroom. He used up stuff we already had in the fridge - some veggies which were, uh, past their prime - celery, onion, bell pepper, and the stems of the portobellos. Saute' veggies in a small bit of oil. Although he didn't, you could use some garlic. He forgot the sun-dried tomatoes, I'll bet that would have been good. Very lightly oil the caps of the mushrooms. Place mushrooms, cap side down. Fill each with the sauteed veggies, top with some shredded cheese (we already had mozzarella). Broil. Serve on bed of arugula. There is 1.5 left, and I think it will get put on a piece of ciabatta toast for breakfast tomorrow. Yum!

OKC - trying to chart an old pattern for a smocked-style baby blanket. I was having a terrible time reading through the narrative instructions. I'll insert a link and photo later. Right now, there's not enough to photograph, but you can find it on Ravelry - I think it's called "Diamond and Smocked Cover".

Off to a movie, with tea and cookie, while DD fixes dinner and starts prep work for meals for the whole frigging week! YES!!

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