Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Green Yarn, Where Art Thou?

I've been working on the Dream In Color Tulip Baby Sweater, and in a week, I have it about 80% done. Body is done plus the edgings around front and bottom. It needs the sleeves and the i-cord tie at the front. However, my little remnant of green yarn, which I need for both sleeves, has disappeared. I haven't looked EVERYplace yet, but we do have an occasional feline thief who runs off with little woolly treasures, especially when he thinks he is not being accorded his due as the Center of the Universe. So, I am putting this project on hold while I wait for that to show up.

I still have DH's denim blue socks OTN, and a headband for a little girl on the bus. However, since I started this, I have not seen her and her mother on the bus at all.

I bought some massively chunky yarn for a 20-stitch scarf on #13 needles. But I'm trying to keep my finishing ratio at 2 for every 1 thing started. You don't know how hard this is - wait, you probably do - as fall approaches and the warm, fuzzy yarns take the place of the cottons, rayons and silks.

I've been in Ravelry for a couple weeks, still learning the ropes, especially the forums. It is a serious enabling machine. O.M.G.

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