Thursday, September 13, 2007

Keeping Up ?

Well, I eventually followed the crowd and got several kits for the Dream In Color Baby Sweater, one for me, one for Mom and one for a good friend. This is the girly kit and this photo is just awful. The colors are much more vivid. The small ball in top right corner is a beautiful pink, and the bottom left corner is a gorgeous peach color. Even though I use the cellphone camera more than any of the other features, clearly the camera is not the best.

Here are the colors for the boys sweater. I thought there had been a mistake because there are only six colors instead of 8, but two of the colors are used twice.

I can't wait to get started on one of these, but I have several things in the nearly FO corner to get to first.

DH's socks - one has half the gusset done, and the other one is done through the heel turn. I guess it was the Death Valley of the gusset where I lost my way and was distracted by other, flashier projects.

The Knitty Argosy scarf should be done in about 45 minutes. I probably have two repeats of yarn left. It will be nearly 6 feet long and the colors are amazing. No wonder I got distracted - it's Kureyon; I couldn't help it.j "It's not my fault...."

We met with the architect regarding preliminary sketches for the addition. To the left is the house now. There is a long driveway to the left (south) that runs the length of the lot, and the plan is for the addition to run about 4 feet deeper than the current footprint of the house.

I'm considering starting a remodel blog once it gets started to show the progress. But first we need to settle on the actual structural changes, budget, arrange financing, get a contractor, etc. The next year will be challenging but exciting. I'm still rather on the fence about doing this but our current situation is SO not working, and we own the house free and clear, so it's definitely an option to make it better.

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