Thursday, September 6, 2007

Too Embarassed to Post

OK, so I haven't posted in a month. That's because I've been bad, starting too many things, stressing over moving, etc. I will try to do a brief catchup.

I did a search on my computer for photos and "it has been 187 photos since my last confession", er, blog entry. It would appear that most of them are related to house hunting, or adding photos to my new Palm.

The house - we have dropped that idea. New idea - build massive addition to current house (double garage underneath a master suite, at least one more bedroom, an office, kitchen remodel, move all the stairs to the side of house instead of all over the place like they are now. Probably $100,000 minimum. Which is likely the amount of debt we would have left over after all the buying/moving/cleaning/selling was done. We own the current small, ugly house free and clear. DH met with architect 2 weeks ago, and tomorrow we will both meet with him to hear his preliminary plans and perhaps see some drawings.

OKC - a few knitting photos DID crop up in that search.

One of the baby learning socks from Cat Bordhi's new book (will update with link this weekend). Book is stunning, and I'm not even a sock knitter. This one has the increase stitches all in a triangle on the TOP of the foot.
I can't wait to try out some of these ideas.

Unfortunately, I was already well into these socks for DH before I went to Cat's booksigning. I'm doing quite well with these, working both sort of at the same time (two sets of two circs). The most recent photo is just AWFUL, but trust me they will get photo'd again WHEN, not IF, they get done.

A trip to the newest LYS showed a long, luscious cashmere cowl in basic Feather and Fan, but the cashmere was in 3 blah, dull colors. Someone who shall remain nameless introduced me to Debbie Bliss Alpaca DK. I got one skein in red and faked the cowl just to see how far it would go. Not very. Plus, the yarn broke and released a few bound-off stitches while I was weaving in ends. And I wasn't tugging, just pulling through to snip. Fortunately, I had a longtail caston end which I cannibalized for repairs. I also got two shades in a lovely lavendar - no photos yet. I want to make a larger, longer one of these - this might work for a teen or petite woman, but especially if yarn is this fragiles, best not to pull on it, rather have it slip / slide / drape into place.

Finally, this week's project the Argosy scarf from Knitty (link later - google argosy knitty - it will come up. I promise you.) This newish LYS boasts the most ginormous selection of Noro that I've ever seen. The colors in this were radioactive bright and this is the only pix of about 10 I've taken that even BEGINS to capture the glory of this stuff. I have 2 skeins, which will be about 6 feet total. That's enough for a primarily decorative item; we'll see if I really want to add more after that. And my colors will sequence great from one skein to the next!

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