Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Seeing double...

OK, I just discovered I had two loose posts wandering around from a previous blogging attempt in 2004. I think I have now deleted them and the blog they were sitting on. I wonder how much other stuff I might have out there on spinsite, wordpress (which still has Dad's tribute pages, those will stay up), etc.

Anyway, not too much to report knitting wise. I've been trying to be serially monogamous and work on this one project. I'm actually enjoying it although the rows get l-o-n-g-e-r as you go. So that even though I have finished 38 of 52 rows, I might not be half-done with it yet in number of stitches. And DD still thinks it's ugly, to which I reply, "Who said it was FOR you?"

The rush to clean out the Yarn Room (well, not THAT much of a rush, as I haven't really started yet) may be premature. It turns out that the house we are interested in has serious furnace/heating issues, which added to the other smaller issues, means that we would likely have to expend $10-15,000 before winter to fix up the various bits. The house IS being sold as a fixer, and visually, the house is in great shape. But DH spoke to a contractor who bid the furnace conversion on this house 6 months ago, and it was an illuminating discussion. Haven't made the final decision but my feeling is the chance we won't even make an offer is up to about 80%.

OK, time for Futurama.

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