Sunday, July 22, 2007

More two-fers

I don't know how bad this is, I can't stop buying yarn ever since I finished B's scarf. But I'm buying skeins in pairs, little two-fers - fer a hat, fer a scarf :). This is Wisdom Yarns "Poems" - there are maybe 6 colorways, I got something I know I can't wear, so I can pretend it's for a gift and therefore a guiltless purchase.

Then yesterday, I finally found the longer needle that I needed for this (it will have 600+ stitches by the end): =>

and did I simply go to the counter where they had set one aside for me, thank you very much, that will be $10, and go on my merry way? No, I did not. I did much prevaricating, and nearly bought an AMAZING wrist bag to hold your sock yarn project. And I don't even LIKE to knit sox!

Everyone lately seems to be jumping on the kureyon-style slow color change train, and I keep jumping in front of it. Everytime. Trendsettter Tonalita, DK, half wool, half acrylic and VIBRANT color.

OK, too much stimulation, I must go have a liedown.

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