Sunday, August 11, 2013

Welcome back (!?!?!?!?!)

Uh, well, it's been a while.  Three years.  With Facebook and Ravelry, I'm not sure why anyone would even NEED a blog any more.  But, I'm going to start posting stuff and see what happens.

Let's see - in the last 3 years
  1. L is still doing bits and pieces on the house - staining trim and windows, and doing a lot of landscaping and gardening. It all looks great - I can't believe the patience he has for doing this, and doing a lot of the standard house maintenance stuff too. I understand now that the house will never be "done". That part would drive me crazy.
  2. About three years ago, I broke my wrist in a fall. In a yarn store.  Fortunately, it was not a complicated break. It was complicated by insurance and legal issues, but it's all done now.
  3. About six months ago, I took a terrible fall at work and "blew out" my knee. Dislocated knee joint, ripped the medial collateral ("inside" edge of knee), the ACL and the PCL.  Was off work for three months, and I'm wearing a brace for the longterm. Whatever can heal, probably has by now. We have considered enclosing me in bubble wrap.
  4. In January, my office relocated to downtown. This is actually an easier commute for me, and try as I might to hate the new place, it's really lovely.
  5. Daughter got engaged. Wedding planned for next year.
  6. Joey is now 12 and Eiko is 3.  Joey got very cozy with me when I was stuck on the couch for a couple months. I think we might have lost him last summer, but he came back.  L still struggles with him occasionally at feeding time, but he's up to 14-15 lbs. Still light for him, but he'll never get to 16 lbs again.
Knitting continues on of course and the Ravelry page shows what I've worked on.  Lately, I've been entranced though by the crocheted animals of Heidi Bears.  I've finished the hippo and am now working on the frog.

Maybe when I figure out the new gewgaws, etc. I'll post some pix.

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