Sunday, July 20, 2008

Playing catchup

Well, things have been crazy with the remodel. Whatever knitting-related time I can squeak out is spent on actual knitting. I've not even been very active on Ravelry for the last month or so.
Projects - well, several things started (of course). Let's see what I can find.

Entrelac purse - nearly FO. Need to weave in icord ends, insert a lining, and attach commercial handles. I like the look of icord handles but they take 4FR to knit up at a time when you just want to be DONE. Plus they do tend to stretch unless you thread some cording inside it. I have some nice black leatherish handles I can put on this, in the Yarn Room. However, it is currently being used as a staging area, moving stuff around during remodel. I don't expect to work on this again for several months because I'm not sure where those handles ARE.


Celery Baby Aran - started this for a friend who wants to have another baby. Not sure why I put it on hold, there is quite bit more than this done on it, it just wasn't photographed recently.

Yellow Baby Aran - I think my color preferences are changing. I would normally never be drawn to yellow yarn, but this was striking. I thought a coworker was going to be first-time grandfather, in duplicate, so I got the two colors. Turns out there's only one baby after all, and she's not due til late January. In the meantime, I found out that another coworker is also awaiting a baby, and sooner, so this might go to her instead. I figure I could pretty much always have a baby sweater on the needles, much like many people always have a sock project going. There will always be more babies!
Speaking of socks, I have generally been averse to making them, never understood the addiction. However when the Summer Knitty came out, I had to immediately cast on for these. I love the wiggly-squiggly of them. Of course, they are on hold now because I am a fickle, ADD knitter.
Next thing on the remodel: excavation for foundation. It's been quiet on that front for the last week or so, as the GC General Contractor, also known as DH, interviews potential subs for this work. Link on the sidebar to the remodel blog.
I keep saying, I need to do this more often. I'm trying to email this to blog and then fine-tune with blogger. Let's see how that works.

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