Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Butterflies, Bug, Buttons, Booties

Wow, this is cool - I post stuff and people look at it. Cool!

I'm leaning toward the ladybugs because they are, ironically, gender neutral. I completely spaced the other meaning of frogs - how weird is that? I found some adorable little hippo buttons, perfect match for the pale green, but there's only two of them - found in a sidewalk sale at fabric store. Drat!

Next issue, booties. I am so annoyed with the bootie pattern (ironically called, "------------'s Perfect Booties") because they so are not. The cast on number is wrong, the directions are wrong. If you do 3 M1's between markers, you are NOT going to have the same number between the markers on next row. If anyone had beta tested this pattern, this would not have slipped through.

I found a fairly basic pattern, knit flat. I improvised by changing the body of bootie to seed stitch instead of what was called for - Quaker stitch? - K 3 rows, P3 rows to match the cuffs, bands and collar on the sweater. There is a little 4-stitch cable on top of bootie - I'm changing that to the 4-stitch cable on the sweater.

The short rows are not looking right, and when I took a closer look, I wasn't even using a #4 but the same #7 used on sweater. So, speaking of frogs, there I go. I will cast on again when I get done here.

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