Monday, July 2, 2007

Serial Monogamy? Hardly....

So, today I took *4* projects to work. It's only about a 30-minute commute, so I don't know what I was thinking. The completed, but not blocked Dog Paw Lace (meant to show it to someone, but didn't), the Brea purse (two main pieces are done - I finally decided what to do about gusset and strap; Noro Silk Garden for a pillow, not even cast on yet. And the Morning Glory cape, which is what I worked on mostly.
The Brea bag should not have been that complicated. The original pattern called for a knitted gusset, in seed stitch, I think, with a leather strap attached. Well, I couldn't find a leather strap at several of the local places, not just LYS, but fabric stores, etc. One issue is, it was my intent all along to slightly felt the bag, which I can't do once leather is attached (can I?). I did find some nice purse straps, but no way to remove the strap for felting or laundry. DH cleverly suggested using a split ring and attach strap to split ring and split ring to bag. That actually would have worked. Finally, I came upon this idea. Knit a double-thickness gusset, with a seam on the inside center. Slide plastic canvas or some sort of reinforcement into the envelope of the gusset. At the top of the bag, I decrease the stitches, and make three separate i-cords. Braid them together LOOSELY, and then kitchener them to the other side of bag. This is what I have so far.

This weekend, while looking for something else (isn't that the way it is?), I found this knitted lace doily. This was to be a wedding present for a coworker, now long gone. It is complete but for blocking. Do I need to put a pin in each one of those little crocheted loops on the edging? There's 200+ of those !! Yikes!

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