Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Losing my lace-inity

It was a lovely day. It was a holiday. The sun was out; the sky was blue.

The jasmine was in bloom. It was a perfect opportunity to do my first-ever serious lace blocking job. Even though there were men in my way , eventually I knew today was the day.

I am never good with finishing. I am often so proud of myself (not to mention surprised) that I ever finish the knitting, that there are nearly FO’s, who shall remain nameless, all over the place. You can’t pass judgment on something if it’s not completely done. Once I get started with finishing, the mechanics of it usually interest me and I do a fairly complete job. Unless it’s 10PM, Dec 24.

So, my intended partner was feeling lazy and loose. It was only when I prepared the tools that she tried to make a run for it. Too late. Ironically, the first thing to do is to get dressed (before getting “dressed”). To look finished. To not go to pieces.

Then, like a small child, she could not avoid – the bath. A toe dip. OK. Well, here we go. Ah, nice, cooling, relaxing. What could be better? She relaxed, looking not so much like wool, but more like raspberry compote.

When she was gently lifted from the cooling waters….. again, much like a small child, well, you could tell, she had been there.

Rats. I really wanted to get this done today. Ah, another holiday. 3 capfuls of vinegar, in we go again. This time, she didn't lose her flavor or her personality.

I will spare you the pix of the actual event (parental discretion would be advised, plus I couldn’t fight the child and take photos at the same time. Eventually, she wound down and stretched out for a nice nap.

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