Thursday, February 11, 2010

Madrona, Day 1

Well, in case there's any doubt why any of us are here...

but enough about what my hotel room looks like.  This is my version of Room Service.
 I requested a microwave, but there are only a limited number of them available, so once I confirmed that there wasn't one, I bought accordingly. And most of it is pretty d**n healthy for being on vacation.

I did the first pass through the market, which seems smaller than in recent years.  Still not a struggle with 35 instead of 50 vendors LOL.  I only bought one thing, a card (see above) but took several dozen photos.  I did not see any sweater kits for $250+ that I had to have.  I had a rough time passing one up last year, but pass it up I did.

A few things that I will definitely pick up.  I am particularly camera-stupid.  I can't find the white balance on this camera and I have seen it before, except when I'm looking for it.  Everything is coming up yellow-green. The lighting in the vendor area is just terrible.  Pix of these IN MY ROOM will be much better.  This is Minimochi yarn, long color transitions like Noro, but lighter weight and soft.  I've seen many projects on Rav with this stuff and I can't wait to try it out.

Another thing is this:
I've taken classes with Vivian Hoxbro, made a couple projects from her books, corresponded with her via email.  This book is designed for the Japanese market, but is loaded with photos.  Since I've done a lot of her stuff already, I think I can fumble my way through.  Wait til you see some of the images inside this book.

OK, that's the first of the yummy bits.  Need to collect needles etc for first class. More tonight, maybe.

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