Friday, July 20, 2007

Time flies....

Wow, I can't believe it's been nearly two weeks since I last posted. Bless me Father for I have sinned, my last yarn purchase was...not very long ago (grin).

One day last week, B wore the scarf to work and it looked great. I'm glad she likes it.

Now, as for the wicked enabling friend who was here a couple weeks ago, let's see if I can find the forensic evidence, er, photographs, of the stuff she made me buy.

This stuff was actually in my stash. OK, it hadn't been in my stash for very long, but I did already have it in hand to make a pillow (basically a big tube that was stuffed with a flat, circular pillow form and gathered at each end - well, that's not it exactly but I can't find a pix online.) What was I thinking? At Mabel's, some evil person had done up the very delicate and lovely Shetland Triangle, designed for laceweight, or something THIN, in Noro Silk Garden in a green/gray/black colorway. OMG, it was amazing. I wish I'd taken a pix of it. You'd be stunned. It was paired on the mannequin with a lime-green skirt with black ruffly flounce at the bottom and the whole ensemble was perfect. So, of course, my lemming tendencies come out and I have to start one too. I'll see how big it is with the three skeins I have since I don't remember where they came from.

This stuff was new to me, Noro Silk Garden Lite. Yes, less filling. It's about DK weight and I quickly (well, quickly for me - about a week) did up a feather-and-fan lace cap in it. Pattern was written for bulky yarn, 72 sts. I did 96 sts, and mine won't fit an adult head. But it's OK. I'm considering doing some generic handwarmers with a repeat of the f-n-f pattern on the back of hand. This took less than one skein. And, yes, those two skeins are the same color AND lot number.

For quick and dirty, there is this Eskimo Yarn by Garnstudio. I bought 2 skeins, thinking scarf or hat, but it's only 55 yds per. I started a few things, the last thing I tried was a mitered square thing. I think it needs to be alternated with something else and cast on the long way for a scarf or just do a basic cap. It's sized for a US #11, 2.5 sts to the inch.

Went to the Oregon Coast for our anniversary last weekend and found some Plymouth Boku. It's much like Kureyon, with 5% silk. I started a Saxon braid with it, but I think I will frog that and just do a simple seed stitch scarf. I got 2 skeins of that; DH was with me, patiently sitting in the Spouse Chair, so I had to behave myself.

Finally, I was out several days this week with irritative or viral bronchitis (I think it was the "ambience" in our theoretically nonsmoking hotel room last weekend). So, I deserved a pretty. This is quite pale, although the photo makes it look more washed out than it is. This is looking nice for a right triangle scarf. 2 skeins of this too. I appear to be in a rut. Or maybe I'm just cheap.

Have a splendid weekend.


Ahrisha said...

The shetland triangle shawl in Noro sounds amazing. I have got to try it. I have some left over in a purple colorway, wonder how much I will need. Can't wait to see yours. Have you started yet and what size needles have you decided on? Also, Could you tell me where I can fine the pattern?

Eileen said...


I figured I would just knit up the three skeins I have and see how far I get. It is the Shetland Triangle Shawl from IK Wrap Style. Check the July 3rd entry on this blog for some more great pix of someone else's. ) The pattern calls for very thin yarn, so this does not look AT ALL like the pix in magazine.